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Domestic Violence

Legal recording of Domestic Violence begins with an injunction, which is essentially a restraining order. An injunction is used to prevent individuals from contact if there is fear or history of domestic violence. There are two parties involved in an injunction, and both of them need legal representation.

The first party is the Filer. They are the one who is seeking protection from a perceived domestic violence threat. If someone feels that they are in danger, or has already been a victim of domestic violence, then they should immediately contact an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney right away. These situations require careful analysis and swift action to protect the Parties and any children that may be involved.

There is also the person being served the injunction. Since these hearings occur quickly after the Petition for Injunction, it is important that you request a consultation from an attorney right away. You will need to discuss your rights and the rights of your family and children to determine how to best protect those rights.